We are a local SE Seattle home service business for busy people who need things done.

Let us be the bridge...


Our main focus is doing “weekend chores and projects," that fall under “the joys of homeownership.” Most of what we do is help complete those projects many homeowners find themselves too busy to finish.


In our experience, many youth are excited to work hard and learn (and earn). They are capable and learn fast in our team structure with built in mentorship, management and coaching by design.


Our crews know each other, live in the neighborhood and work well together. We live and serve customers in Southeast Seattle: Columbia City, Rainier Beach, Hillman City, Beacon Hill, and Mt. Baker.


  • Our pain points as homeowner ourselves. We’ve experienced the mental load of home ownership and the sheer number of hours of physical work, and/or coordination with many service providers and wanted to create a service that we would want to use (which we do!) that is easy to book, doesn’t involve extensive back and forth and estimates to get one task done and gets stuff done for us.

  • A desire to serve the community and make things easier for older adults living in their own home. Over the past few years our owner, Luke has developed a passion for Aging in Place. As we grow, the dream is to be able to take care of most home needs, with specialties including simple home modifications for senior homeowners.

  • A desire to create employment and a positive and flexible work environment to a wide variety of youth and adults to build skills and professional community that truly values and honors each person.


  • We come to your home with a team of 2-5 people for 3+ hours (youth and adults) to work on your list of home and yard projects.

  • We believe there is something awesome about the energy of teams - we get more done together and can help each other when needed, learn from each other, and get more done for you faster! Safety is enhanced and we are a more efficient and inclusive team.


  • Yard maintenance

    • Mowing, weed wacking, raking/blowing, pruning and trimming, weeding, spreading mulch, planting

  • Spring cleaning

    • Moving furniture, planters around the property, sweeping, power washing, washing windows (no ladders), decks and outdoor furniture, minor painting and repairs

  • Assembly, tech support, & indoor projects

    • Assembling shelves and furniture, troubleshooting/set up of home tech, moving / rearranging furniture, minor repairs.

  • Have a project in mind? Contact us and we'll let you know if it is a service we can provide!


  • 3 person, 3 hour minimum per visit

  • 2 hourly rates: one for adults, one for youth + taxes (see FAQs for more info)

  • Any hauling, dumping or specialty equipment will be charged separately and discussed in advance of our work day.


  • Book HERE

    • Picking a time slot isn’t final, but it gets the process started

  • Email Us info@bridgeservicesllc.com

    • Tell us about your project priorities

    • As a guide to your task list and budget, our standard/minimum time slot is 3 hours and 3 people/ 9 person-hours

  • Make those plans and RECLAIM YOUR WEEKEND!


We look forward to serving you!

206-979-0812 (leave a message for Luke)

EIN #87-4381542